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How to protect  your system from early freezes - Self Help Page


            Maintaining your sprinkler system is key to extending the life of your system and avoiding repairs. We offer sprinkler winterizations in the fall which is important to protect your system from freeze damage during the winter.  Freeze damage can lead to broken heads, broken pipes, and broken backflow preventor. All of which can lead to costly repairs in the spring.

            When we winterize your system we will turn off the water to the system, hook up a commercial grade compressor and blow out all the water in the main and lateral lines.  We will then drain the water out that is between the shut off valve and vacuum breaker and turn off the clock. This leaves the system protected against freezing tempatures.

             We offer spring turn on and inspection services. It is important to check your system for any leaks in the spring and adjust heads for proper coverage.


            JLB has experience repairing all types and sizes of sprinkler systems. Call or e-mail for a free estimate.


            JLB has 15 years experience installing both residential and commercial sprinkler systems of all sizes. We will design and layout a sprinkler system that will provide adequate coverage to prevent dead spots and optimize watering efficiency. Call or e-mail for a free estimate.